Ready to try Gel X Nail Extensions?

Nails that will make you stand out from the crowd

At That Colour Nails, we offer a variety of nail enhancement and Gel X Nail Extensions services designed to help you achieve the look you desire. We also use top quality nail base gels and top coats from Kodi.
Whether you're looking for a natural or more glamorous look, our talented staff can create a custom design that's perfect for you. We use only the highest quality products and take the time to ensure that each client is completely satisfied with their results.
Our nail enhancement services include gel nails, acrylic nails, natural nail overlays and much more. If you're interested in getting Gel X Nail Extensions, we offer a variety of shapes and lengths to choose from.
Come visit us today and let us help you achieve your beauty goals! Maybe even complement your nail extensions with a manicure and pedicure.

Your Next Nail Extension

It's time to treat yourself to a professional nail enhancement! Whether you're looking for a fresh coat of polish or something more substantial, Apres Gel Nail Extensions has the perfect solution for you. Our gel nail extensions are made from high-quality materials and are applied by experienced professionals. They're also totally customizable, so you can choose the perfect colour and style to match your unique personality. Best of all, our gel nail extensions are extremely durable and will last for weeks without chipping or fading. So what are you waiting for? Call us todayy to schedule your next nail enhancement!

Gel Nails for Every Occasion

Gel Strengthening Overlay
Perfect for weak, damaged nails, or if you are trying to grow your nails out in a matter of 6 weeks. In this signature gel manicure, we remove any previous work of ours, perfect your cuticles, put an unnoticeable layer of natural non-damaging gel over your nails, polish with a gel color of your choice, and finish with a design of your choice. The difference between a gel overlay and gel extensions is simple: gel overlay keeps the length of your own nails, but strengthens them with a layer of natural gel (thus making them un-breakable), and gel extensions add length if you want them to be longer. Please note that DESIGNS & NAIL ART cost extra and take an extra 15-30 minutes. We can replicate almost any design that you bring in! We also have a 10 day free fix policy for this service.
Apres Gel-X Extensions
You only have to do these nail extensions once! A nail extensions expert will perfect your cuticles, sculpt your nails to your desired length with gel, polish with a gel color of your choice, and finish with a design of your choice. She will NOT use tips, glue or acrylic! Please note that DESIGNS & NAIL ART cost extra and take an extra 15-30 minutes. We can replicate almost any design that you bring in! These gel extensions will not break unless something extraordinary happens, and in the case that it does, we will repair your nail for free within 14 days. Next time you come in, in 6-8 weeks We will remove and apply a new fresh set any length any shape including Gel Polish.
A Transition to Gel Nail Extensions
YPrice based upon consultation! Please call (312) 285 2714 to book your Zoom or in person consultation!
This is the ONLY safe and non-damaging transition that we can offer at the moment! If you currently have dip or acrylics and want to try gel, this is the option you need. We promise, after trying gel, you will never go back to acrylics or dip! This transition is one-time, and next time you come in, you will get a removal and new set. Please note this includes removal.

We Also Offer Private Nail Sessions

Here at That Colour Nails, we understand that some of our clients prefer a more private setting for their nail sessions. Whether you're trying out a new color or simply don't want to share the space with anyone else, we offer private nail sessions so you can have the undivided attention of our talented staff.
We'll work with you to create the perfect look, and we promise you'll walk out feeling refreshed and relaxed. So next time you're in need of a little pampering yourself, be sure to ask about our private nail sessions. You deserve to indulge yourself, and we're here to help.
We even have private rooms of body sculpting and waxing! So when you want to pamper yourself with a full leg waxing, or a wood therapy, best know that we are here for all your needs.